A Quick Primer on Jiu Jitsu Gi Patches

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Betting

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a martial arts combat and self defense sport that has experienced exponential growth in recent years. For uniformity, many martial arts schools teaching this sport require that students wear a gi, a uniform of sorts with pants and a wrap-around, kimono style jacket. And in order to stand out from other schools, in tournaments or simply wanting to “bling” things up a bit, a growing market for jiu jitsu gi patches was born.

Designs for Identification

Jiu jitsu schools, organizations and groups use patches for identification purposes, particularly when competing with other groups or in tournaments. Jiu jitsu gi patches can be specially designed based on a group’s logo or overall mission. In addition, they can be embroidered, printed, or woven.

Truly, there are many types of patches beyond the identification of a training school or group. For instance, there might be martial arts companies or other sporting corporations that wish to award jiu jitsu gi patches to contest competitors or winners of tournaments as a marketing ploy. Or, patches could simply be used as decoration to liven up a plain white gi.

Embroidery versus Woven Options

Personal preference often dictates whether you purchase woven or embroidered jiu jitsu gi patches. For elaborate details, a woven patch is best because it is a better canvas for intricate designs and details. The only drawback is that you may be limited in size, depending on the design. Embroidered patches, however can be done any size and can often appear somewhat three-dimensional. Plus, embroidered designs can be customizable and due to the sewing involved, last longer too.

Placement is Important

If you plan to compete or even appear in demonstrations, the placement of your jiu jitsu gi patches is important. There are specific rules to abide by as set forth by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation. Your instructor can help you determine placement, especially their school patch, or you can refer to the federation rules as well.

If you are a good seamstress or tailor with a good set of needles or a sewing machine, you can probably sew the patches on yourself. However, if you lack some sewing skills, your local dry cleaner or a tailor can affix the jiu jitsu gi patches on for you. Consider purchasing heat seal patches so that you can iron them on in your chosen location so the tailor or seamstress cannot possibly sew them in the wrong place on your gi.

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