Offshore Gambling – A Prosperous Banned Industry

by | Nov 1, 2011 | Gambling

A Total Ban in the US

Offshore Gambling or online gambling is a banned activity throughout the United States. Around five years ago, The “Unlawful Internet Gambling Act” was promulgated, banning all types of gambling over the Internet. Presently, it is considered totally illegal for the American public to gamble on the internet. However, it was not the people who were actually gambling being arrested; rather it was the companies that offered and sponsored gambling over the internet bore the brunt of fear of getting arrested.

A Thriving Industry

Despite the fact that there is a total ban on offshore gambling in United States, yet it is considered to be the wild frontier of a new era where stalwarts and entrepreneurs in the business exist as trailblazers of offshore gambling. There are a large number of companies that offer gambling sites on the internet and governments at these offshore places charge the minimal taxes and provide internet gambling that is well controlled. It is a booming industry with annual revenues touching US $ 2.4 billion per annum.

Offshore Gambling – An Investment Opportunity

As long as a person has a connection to the internet, he can gain access to any of these offshore gambling sites from anywhere in the world. Offshore gambling on the football games is No big deal in a simple season. Starting off in the month of August with the National Football League pre-season, it goes right through till the early part of February with the Super and Pro Bowl matches. The football season is one of the finest and most important, taking into consideration the terms of action for online bettors and offshore gambling in terms of interest. Offshore gambling provides an opportunity for playing from the comforts of his house, yet he has to be cautious of the negativity of the financial results.

Offshore Gambling

Offshore Gambling

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