Offshore Gambling – Guide for offline betting

Offshore gambling is still considered as illegal in many countries across the globe and is done over the phone instead of using the internet. An account is created using your voice pattern and a person on the other side will let you know about the betting and the gambling rates. Once your account has been created you just have to call the given number and place your bet on the match. The most common ports for which you can try offshore gambling are football and cricket. During the NFL or EPL matches for football lovers the industries makes over 2000 percent of its business.

Betting on sports

Betting on sport teams is the main part of the offshore gambling but in some countries it is still considered as illegal. The offshore gambling is generally seasonal and is done during the main matches. Once you have an account created for this, you can transfer funds into it using wireless bank transfer. Using your Visa or any other credit card for the payment of these can be a little more risky as it has more chances of getting cheated. After you are done with the betting, you can get to know about the new account balance you have in that account.


Most of the offline betting accounts have some wagering amount associated with them and you are give one free payout every month, which means that you can withdraw money once every month for free and rest would be charged. But the same is not true for all the websites as each website has its own payout methods for offshore gambling. The stakes in the betting industry are increasing day by day owing to the growing profits.

Offshore Gambling

Offshore Gambling

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