Pathological Gambling can be cured!

Pathological gambling can be defined as a progressive disease that affects compulsive gamblers and all those people who come in touch with them. Gambling addiction can be defined as the loss of control over gambling and a need for gambling providers. Pathological gamblers continue to get negatively affected until they lose every single penny. Once their resources are gone they will stop gambling. This can land up them in jail or they committed suicide.

Pathological gambling is mostly among men and in people who belong to the ethnic groups. It is also seen in the people of the lower socioeconomic groups. Gambling addicts are found to be more addicted to cigarettes and abuse alcohol when compared to those who are non pathological gamblers. The numbers of pathological gamblers have been increased from 17 to 24%.

Causes of Pathological Gambling

There are some of the common causes and risk factors of Pathological Gambling. For example lose relationships, lose jobs, other conditions often present, preoccupied with gambling, loss of control and commit illegal acts. There are some signs and symptoms of Pathological Gambling including preoccupation, tolerance, withdrawal, escape, chasing and loss of control. These causes can exhibit in any behavior which can ruin your life mentally, financially, physically or emotionally.

Treatment of Pathological Gambling

It has been proved that the SSRI paroxetine is efficient in the treatment of pathological gambling. Most of the treatment involves counseling, step-based programs, self-help, peer-support, or a combination of these. Gambling counseling delivered should be done the professional counselors who are qualified psychologists and help the people to come out of the pathological gaming disorder. Other step-based programs which are both specific to gambling and generic to addiction are also used to treat problem gamblers and these steps can save their lives, relationships and money.

Pathological Gambling

Pathological Gambling

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