Tailgating: The Basics

Here, we provide some basic tailgating tips:

  1. Wear your team colors! Dress in a team sweatshirt or jersey! You’re the twelfth man on the team and first player on the Tailgating Team. Definitely display your team spirit.
  2. Plan the menu and do preparation work one or two days prior to the game. Keep your menu simplistic and pack the prepared food inside disposable containers.
  3. Create a list of the things you wish to take with you. Check items off as you pack. Pack all paper products the evening before. Keep in mind such things as trash bags, a small first aid kit, water, as well as damp towels inside ziplock bags to clean face and hands.
  4. Plan to get there 3 – 4 hours ahead of time and remain 1 – 2 hours afterward.
  5. Locate the perfect spot to park. Not every parking space is created equal! Park close to a grassy space or at the end of a parking row–it’ll give you more space for serious tailgating!
  6. Fly your flag on a high pole in order for friends to locate you.
  7. Decorate the tailgate site using team pennants and additional team stuff.
  8. Meet the tailgate neighbors, toss the football around with friends, read the paper and have a fantastic time!
  9. Food ought to be ready 1-1/2 hours prior to the game starting. It’s plenty of time for the ones attending the game to clean up, eat, and extinguish fires on the small fire pits outdoors.
  10. Leave spot clean. Start to think about friends and food for the next game.

Tailgating Must-Haves

Jumper cables: Following an excellent tailgate celebration, some would like to remain inside the parking lot forever yet everyone may not share this thought.

Toilet paper: Do not be caught with your pants down inside a Port-o-Potty without toilet paper.

Trash bags for cleaning up: Dedicated tailgaters always respect their surroundings and leave it clean.

Ice: Bring an extra ice chest.

Rain gear: As everyone else is inside their truck or car, you will be cooking!

First aid kit: In the event a football hits you in your head.

Sun block: There is no reason to burn in the hot sun.

Small fire pits outdoors: For preparing food.

For more information on our small fire pits outdoors, contact Kwik-Pit today!

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