Why Consider Pickleball Court Surfacing in Salt Lake City

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Sports

Most people don’t realize it, but pickleball court surfacing in Salt Lake City works the same as with basketball and tennis surfaces and can be concrete or asphalt. Most people consider asphalt to be a better option because it is darker and the paint tends to adhere to it better. Plus, asphalt can feel slightly springy, which can be a little gentler on the joints. If your court is looking a little forlorn, it is likely time to resurface it; you can find kegs and drums full of resurfacing products, most of which come with sand to help add the slight grittiness you require for slip-resistance.

Pickleball Court Supply has everything you need to set up your new pickleball court. You can find the surfacing products in 5-gallon, 30-gallon, and 55-gallon sizes. While you can find options with sand included, you can also find them without. That way, you can have something that’s more non-slip or not, depending on your needs. The company also offers paddles and balls, court paint products, and all the accessories you’re likely to ever need, which can include benches, water coolers, scorekeepers, and teaching aids.

Once you’ve resurfaced the court, it’s time to take a look at the pickleball nets. You need to ensure that there are no holes or rips, which could let the ball slip through and to the other side causing pandemonium and making it hard for the judges to make the right call. You’ll find the nets in a variety of sizes and through many manufacturers, and you’ll find net accessories, such as the center straps, center tie-down anchors, and replacement parts. The posts are also available, or you have the option of purchasing a system that includes everything you need. Shop at website today!

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